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QMB 2024/25 Student Section Leaders

Front Row L to R: Matthew Wall, Baylee Blair, Grace Leigh, Zoë Curtis, Katie Gourlay

Back Row L to R: Griffin Cramer, Sophia Saffrin, Ella Young, Brieanna Moorehead,

Amanda Faust, Olivia Loomis, Magnus Caselli, Jude Wabick, Michael Hanna


             Drum Major  -  Zoë Curtis           Color Guard - Katie Gourlay
Brieanna Moorehead and Grace Leigh

             ClarinetOlivia Loomis              Saxophone -Amanda Faust
             TrumpetBaylee Blair                MellophoneGriffin Cramer
             TromboneMatthew Wall           Morale Leader - Jude Wabick

             Baritone/SousaphoneMagnus Caselli
Sophia Saffrin
             Percussion Quarter Master
Michael Hanna
             Pit Percussion - E
lla Young

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